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Update: Galesburg eases pot possession penalties

The cannabis plant. (M. Martin Vicente/Creative Commons)

The cannabis plant. (M. Martin Vicente/Creative Commons)

The Galesburg City Council has approved a new municipal law relaxing penalties for pot possession.

Under the new ordinance, Galesburg police officers are given two options when encountering someone with small amounts of cannabis: either an arrest or issuing an administrative citation (a fine of $300). This only applies to those holding 2.5 grams or less.

The city hopes to raise additional revenue from the fines and be able to redirect law enforcement resources. Galesburg Chief of Police David Christensen has signaled his support for the proposed ordinance.

Cannabis possession or the possession of drug paraphernalia remains a Class C misdemeanor under state law.

This vote comes less than a week after Colorado became the first state to legalize small amounts of marijuana for recreational uses. In many other states, including Illinois, cannabis is legal for approved medical uses.

The full text of the ordinance change may be found here.

Matt Barry
Matt Barry is a senior majoring in international relations and double minoring in economics and German. This is his third year working for TKS, having served previously as discourse editor. He has worked for such organizations as the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Premier Tourism Marketing and the Council on American Islamic Relations-Chicago, where his work appeared in such publications as Leisure Group Travel, Ski & Ride Club Guide and The Chicago Monitor. Matt has written his political opinion column, "The Voice of Reason," weekly for three years, which finished in first place at the 2012 Illinois College Press Association conference and was also recognized at the 2013 conference.

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Jan 05, 2014

Well…seeing that Knox is one of the hippest, with-it liberal arts colleges in Illinois, if not the world (I still remember the first time I ever saw hash, and smoked it, was in a dorm there), it’s not surprising that things have mellowed out to the point where arrests are considered ridiculous. Good news.

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