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Procrastination website of the week: Goodreads

Among websites known for their level of procrastination, Goodreads falls to the bottom of the popularity list because of its niche purpose.

First and foremost, Goodreads is a website focused on the curation of literary information by their user base. Users can track, rate and review books they’ve read, create personal reading goals, and recommend books to other users.

In this way, the basic functions of the website are similar to the customer reviews function of Amazon or the pinboards on Pinterest, both of which utilize information curated by user bases.

The narrow focus of Goodreads is, however, also one of the website’s strong aspects. Unlike websites such as Tumblr or Reddit, where users are exposed to an almost overwhelming amount of varying topics, Goodreads provides a refreshing take on community-driven content curation.

As a result, Goodreads is also much easier to understand and explain to more casual Internet users.

Other functions utilized by Goodreads include online quizzes and trivia games, “groups” that function similarly to book clubs or generic online forums and occasional book giveaways.

Sophomore Rebecca Harwell, who published “The Thunderbird Project” this year, finds that the website is perfect for “people who love to read books” and has used Goodreads to connect with her readers.

“I am addicted to it, but you can use it in very small doses,” Harwell said.

Casey Mendoza
Casey Mendoza is a senior majoring in political science and double minoring in philosophy and Chinese. This is her fourth year working at The Knox Student, previously as a photographer and photo editor. Casey is the recipient of two awards from the Illinois College Press Association for photo essays. During the summer of 2014, Casey also worked as a photography intern for the Galesburg Register-Mail, covering local community events and working alongside award-winning reporters and photojournalists. During the winter and spring of 2015, Casey studied journalism and new media in Washington DC, learning more about the world's political arena, networking and gaining a greater understanding of the field. There, she worked as a Production Assistant at a documentary film company, The Biscuit Factory. During the summer of 2015, Casey will help produce a documentary on airline reservation technology for the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC).

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