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Mindful Monday elicits mixed reviews

The Hard Knox Cafe changed its menu in accordance to the Less Meat Monday campaign led by KARES Monday, Feb. 3 (Jason Deschamps/TKS)

The Hard Knox Cafe changed its menu in accordance to the Less Meat Monday campaign led by KARES Monday, Feb. 3 (Jason Deschamps/TKS)

Despite some student dissatisfaction, Meatless Monday returned to campus this month under a new name and joined with new outreach efforts to the student body.

While Less Meat Monday – formerly known as Meatless Monday and Mindful Monday – has met acclaim, there is still a fraction of the student body that exhibits dismay, indifference, or even a lack of understanding of the impetus for the event. This backlash was especially apparent during this past fall term with barbecues in protest held by various groups on campus, who felt that their choice of eating meat was violated.

However, KARES co-president and senior Danika Hill stated that the feedback has become “a lot more positive. Last spring, I think that it was a really big shock to a lot of people and the biggest concerns are of course not being able to get enough protein, or the fact that it’s on burger night, or that there’s too much fake meat.”

Hill stated that KARES avoided expanding Less Meat Monday to the Gizmo.

“We didn’t want to completely impede on people’s choices, and there are people who are allergic to soy. I still think that it’s good for people to have that option for someone who really needs it or who has specific dietary needs,” she said.

To inform the student body of the ideas behind Less Meat Monday, Hill stated that KARES has been posting signs in SMC and CFA that list different facts of the meat industry. KARES co-president and senior Carrie Stephen stated that KARES  coordinated with the Zine Club, publishing facts and opinions on the matter and on the United States’ food industry itself in booklets handed out the

Senior Jessica Ranard stated that Mindful Monday was a “good thing” and that KARES was “doing a good job… through the zine to help educate people, because a lot of people were complaining because they didn’t really understand the purpose of it.”

Hill stated that KARES hopes to make Less Meat Monday a weekly event, or if the Oak room were to be completely vegetarian every Monday, and that Director of Dining Services Helmut Mayer confirmed that he will continue to coordinate with KARES throughout his tenure at Knox.

Yonatan Litwin

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Feb 10, 2014

That “list of different facts” would be a great read! The Livestock and Meat Industries are filled with rhetoric, propaganda, and lies, NOT FACTS! The opposition often quotes opinions and “facts” based on poorly designed studies and assumptions! I take no sides, but stick to the facts……both sides!

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