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Letter to the Editor: A response from Froggi VanRiper

Dear TKS Editorial Board,

Thank you for reaching out to me with your candid welcome letter. I want to commend you for your critical evaluation of the state of sustainability initiatives on campus, and your obvious desire for a resolution of these challenges. Let me reiterate: I WANT these kinds of concerns to be brought forth. If Knox is to become a model of sustainability in higher education, we will do so by being honest with ourselves and our critics. We must identify our shortcomings, and commit to addressing them.

In my first two weeks at Knox, I have met with representatives from all facets of the campus community, listening to concerns, hopes, and goals, or simply forging positive relationships. The Knox community has welcomed me warmly, and I continue to see examples of programs you should be very proud of. I anticipate that in the very near future I will have good news for you regarding some of the specific concerns you have addressed here.

As for your plea to stay, let me warmly offer my promise that I have no plans to leave Knox quickly. Achieving administrative sustainability is as much a priority for me as are any of the other pillars of sustainability.


Froggi VanRiper, your eager new Director of Campus Sustainability Initiatives

Froggi VanRiper

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Feb 14, 2014

This is a polite, thoughtful response to a thoughtless, unprofessional letter. Kudos to Froggi for recognizing the futility of fighting fire with fire. But just because she doesn’t seem to be offended, doesn’t make the original letter acceptable.

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