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News Briefs: Violence in Ukraine

Library seeks funds for new location

GALESBURG – The Galesburg Public Library is seeking city help in order to obtain a state construction grant to build a new library. The Board of Trustees is seeking the issuance of a $5 million debt certificate from the City of Galesburg, which they could pay back out of existing revenue sources without any additional burden on taxpayers. The state of Illinois is requiring the library to bear a quarter of the cost of their proposed $21.3 million new building in order to qualify for a state grant to cover the rest, although there is no guarantee that the state will issue the grant even if the library secures all of the necessary funding. The plan would also require the library to use $700,000 of its own reserves. (Source: The Galesburg Register-Mail)

 Auto workers reject call to unionize

CHATTANOOGA – Workers at a Volkswagon (VW) plant in Tennessee rejected a proposal to become members of the United Auto Workers in what is seen as a serious setback to organized labor nationwide. Republicans hailed the vote, which they believe will bring additional production into the United States, while President Obama criticized conservatives for stirring up anti-union sentiment. VW’s top labor representative in Germany vowed to block any further investment in the United States until American VW workers are either unionized or allowed to form a German-style works council. (Source: Reuters)

 Violence worsens in Ukraine

KIEV – Eighteen people were killed as Ukraine’s months-long wave of protests took a deadly turn. Police moved into Kiev’s Independence Square, the heart of the anti-government protests, where they were met with strong resistance. Several hundred were also injured from concussion grenades, rubber bullets and even live ammunition. The head of Ukraine’s interior ministry said that the government would use all legal means at their disposal to crack down on the protests as many of the country’s western provinces slipped out of government control. At the heart of the matter lies dissatisfaction with the government’s decision to turn away from pursuing ties with the European Union in favor of closer relations with Russia. (Source: The Wall Street Journal)

Matt Barry
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