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Seven tracks to download right now

With the rise of self-released singles and albums, it is nearly impossible to keep track of every new piece of music that bursts onto the Internet. Here are a few artists and tracks to take a listen to if you’re in the mood for something new. All of these tracks have been released within the past 12 months.

 “Drunk in Love (Remix)” — The Weeknd

With all due respect to the cult of Beyoncé, I have succumbed to Abel Tesfaye’s sultry reboot of this track. The Weeknd frontman ushered in his 24th birthday by dropping a new classic, kicking Kanye West’s half-hearted remix of the same track to the curb. This song will seamlessly enter 2 a.m. lights-down-low party playlists before the end of the term, if not this weekend.

Now for a few songs you haven’t already been listening to on repeat.

 “One Time” — Marian Hill

 Following sultry with sensual, “One Time” is a track tailor-made to seduce those keen on talented female vocalists and creative producers. Marian Hill is comprised of two Philadelphians, singer Samantha Gongol and producer Jeremy Lloyd. This track comes on slow with finger snaps looped over a mellow string accompaniment. Lloyd does his work near the end of the track, mixing the elements into a delightful melodic hodgepodge.

“Technicolor Dreaming“— Cardiknox

Ever get so engaged in a movie that you start to identify with a character in real life? Are you frustrated when everything works out for them against all odds and you can’t even get the Arizona Tea you like at the C-Store anymore? Electro pop comes to save the day. Synths aplenty, this song reaches out to dancey movie buffs. You know who you are.

 “White Tiger” — Izzy Bizu

It’s hard to dislike this South West London-raised 19-year-old. She is soulful well beyond her years. The piano accompaniment is perfect, driving the song while letting the spotlight fall on the teenager with voice that could make everyone in a coffee shop start dancing. This track is great; I just hope its simplicity doesn’t kill it in the end.

 “Reflections” — MisterWives

Disclaimer: Her voice has a Colin Meloy “I have to get used to this” quality to it, and that may be a turn-off for some people. With that said, this track is more poppy than a field in Afghanistan. It come in waves, peppering in pauses where you can rest and nod your head before the chorus comes in and makes you jump up and down.

 “Bloodflows” — Sohn

 Enough happiness. Sohn kills this track with potent vocals and poetic though assuredly dark lyrics. The song starts with a mellow beat and eerie vocal echo. The second half of this track is punctuated by his voice being layered over itself before an industrial beat takes over.

 There they are, seven tracks to take your mind off the winter, put an extra kick in your step or let you know that hope is sometimes in vain. These have been playing on a pretty steady rotation in my headphones, and have given me hope that good music is still being made and released. Increased facility in releasing music is great for exposure for upcoming musicians. It just makes finding the good stuff a little harder.

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