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Senate creates two new committees

Student Senate may soon have two new committtees following the approval of a Senate Diversity Committee and the proposal of a Safety and Wellness Committee to be voted on as early as this week.

The diversity committee’s origins are in Student Senate President senior Phil Bennett’s announcement of a Diversity Initiative at the General Assembly meeting on April 3. As a part of this initiative, senate held two forums last week to hear from students on the issue of diversity at Knox. The second part of the initiative was a constitutional change to senate to add a diversity chair and committee to their executive.

Senate approved the creation of the committee. The correspondent amendment states that as “Student Senate is the student representative body on campus, we must represent the importance of diversity by actively incorporating this value into the makeup of our organization.” Thus, the new Diversity Committee’s objectives are to represent student opinion’s on diversity, review diversity policies that affect students and make recommendations to the General Assembly on policy issues in relation to diversity.

Similar to the diversity amendment, on April 10 Senate proposed adding a Safety and Wellness Committee as well. The mission statement is identical to diversity, excepting that the focus will be on the safety and wellness of Knox students. Senators will review the amendment and vote on April 17. In light of the greater workload two new committees would place on senators, senate will also deliberate over a potential increase in number of senators in the next year.

Callie Rouse
Callie Rouse graduated in 2017 as a international relations major and double minor in creative writing and history. She has been involved in journalism since her sophomore year in high school and worked for The Knox Student for four years. She worked as a News Editor her sophomore to senior years. During her freshman year Callie served as Student Government Reporter.

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Apr 14, 2014

I thought commitees were enumerated in the bylaws…

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