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Counterfeit money dispensed from Seymour ATM

A Knox student was in for an unpleasant surprise when a $20 bill she received from the PNC Bank ATM in Seymour Union was revealed to have been counterfeit.

Freshman Liz Clay was attempting to make a purchase at Walmart when the cashier told her that the bill she tried to pay with was a fake and “did not even feel like real money,” according to Clay.

The cashier confirmed that the bill was fake when she held it up to the light and saw that there was no watermark.

“I guess I just was not paying attention to the quality of the bills because I didn’t expect them to be fake,” she said.

Clay then contacted Campus Safety, who got in touch with the Galesburg Police Department to report the counterfeit bill. GPD confiscated the fake bill and has not contacted Clay since.

“I was pretty distraught while it was happening,” Clay said. “I was also aggravated with the process. The whole situation caught me off guard.”

The bill was dispensed on April 5. Since the incident, no further reports of counterfeit money have been made.

Clay was fronted the $20 by the billing department of the Business Office until her bank reimburses her for the fake money she withdrew.

“I hope that they go through the ATM and check to make sure that I am the only one who withdrew counterfeit money,” Clay said. “While it was not that big of a deal for me, I don’t want other students to have to go through the same thing.”

Producing or distributing counterfeit U.S. currency is a federal crime and punishable by a fine or up to 15 years in prison.

Allie Whitehill

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