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Title IX team: ‘We hear you’


We hear you.

In recent weeks and again at last evening’s Take Back the Night Rally, student voices have asserted that the Knox administration isn’t listening, that students’ strong call for a rethinking of the college’s policy is being ignored.

President Amott and the entire Title IX team want you to know that we are listening and that in the weeks since the statement presented to the faculty meeting we have been actively considering how or whether our current policy serves the needs of the entire community. One important change we have already made in response to your concerns is to increase the confidential resources for survivors on campus.

In addition, it is clear to us that we must do better at communicating information about reporting options for students lest the policy have an unintended effect on reporting at large. There are several points at which a sexual assault survivor can opt out of the current reporting structure, so please rest assured that in our current policy, a student who reports to a trusted faculty or staff member need not go any further with the investigation if he/she/zie chooses not to. Several students have exercised this option in recent months.

We thank you for your continued passion, and we pledge to work with you to address the legitimate concerns that many of you have raised. We look forward to continuing the dialogue with students as we work together for the shared purpose of a safer and more responsive community.

Lori Schroeder, Lead Title IX Coordinator

Catherine Denial, Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Laura Schnack, Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Kim Schrader, Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Gina Zindt, Deputy Title IX Coordinator

John Schlaf, Title IX Investigator

Cassidy Voyles, Title IX Investigator

Deb Southern, Dean of Students

Teresa Amott, President

TKS Staff

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