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Incoming enrollment numbers off track

Enrollment NumbersKnox received a record-breaking number of applicants to the Class of 2018, but enrollment deposits still lag behind last year.

The Office of Admission has so far received 333 enrollment deposits from students who will be attending Knox, but is still waiting for a response from nearly half of the students who were offered admission. The deadline for enrollment deposits is May 1.

According to Vice President for Enrollment and Dean of Admission Paul Steenis, Knox received 3,258 applications for admission this year – 2,185 of which were accepted. The office is still waiting to hear back from about 1,100 of the students who were granted admission.

“Probably most will go elsewhere,” Steenis said. “But some will still probably choose Knox.”

The enrolled class compares statistically with Knox’s current student body makeup. According to Steenis, about 40 percent of the enrolling class is male and 60 percent is female. Approximately 45 percent of the students come from in-state, and 55 percent are from out of state. He said that the office would know more statistics about incoming students in the next few weeks.

At this point last year, Knox had received 340 deposits from an applicant pool of 2,714 students – 2,012 of which were admitted to the college. A total of 405 students actually joined Knox last year.

Steenis noted that the current number of students enrolled is slightly less than they had hoped, as 425 students was the school’s goal.

“The only downfall is really that they are a handful short,” he said.

Despite the number of students enrolling being slightly lower than he had hoped, Steenis said he feels that the new class is strong and he is “already excited about many incoming students.”

Steenis also said that Knox has not heard back from many students who may be transferring to Knox, as their deadline to alert the school of their enrollment is June 1.

The Admitted Student Days also helped Knox to attract students who were considering enrolling. Steenis said that he was especially happy with the second Admitted Student Day this year, which about 165 prospective students attended, a record high number.

Steenis noted that the admissions staff is keeping their “eyes focused on growth” and that Knox is undertaking new initiatives to improve student recruitment. He said that Knox will be redesigning their publications and website, and rethinking their use of social media to help bring students to Knox.

In addition to these new developments, Steenis said that he thinks new facilities at Knox will also help to attract students. He cited Alumni Hall, the new art center and the renovations occurring in Founders Lab as installations that will help to show prospective students that Knox cares about keeping up its facilities.

“Alumni Hall will help to tell Knox’s story a bit,” he said. “It will be a facility that will allow us to put our best foot forward.”

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