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News Briefs: Knox, Sandburg create new program

Knox, Sandburg create new program

GALESBURG – Carl Sandburg College and Knox College have announced a new dual admissions program aimed at making it easier for students who finish their associate’s degree at Sandburg to pursue a bachelor’s at Knox. Applicants to the program who maintain at least a 3.0 grade point average at Sandburg will received guaranteed admission to Knox as well as an annual scholarship of at least $10,000. The agreement was officially signed on May 5 and will first affect students applying for admissions for fall term 2015. In the last five years 40 Sandburg graduates have attended Knox and 15 are currently enrolled.

Climate report warns of extreme weather 

WASHINGTON – A federal report entitled the National Climate Assessment compiled by over 300 experts was released this week, warning of increases in extreme weather with the potential to cause billions of dollars in damages. Using computer modeling of climate patterns, the report mentioned wildfires in the West, flooding in the Northeast and rising sea levels in the South as likely threats. It also attributed several recent weather events, such as Hurricane Sandy, to climate change. The report also attributed rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide to human activity and called upon government to find ways to cut emissions. Some conservatives decried the report, saying it will be used to impose new regulations on business and destroy jobs. (Source: The Wall Street Journal)

Palestinians to form unity government

HOMS – Government forces took control of Syria’s third largest city in a major symbolic victory for the regime of Bashar Assad in the country’s bloody civil war. Hundreds of rebel fighters exited the besieged city of Homs, which had earned the nickname “The Capital of the Revolution” for its early role in the anti-government uprising, as part of a negotiated withdrawal. The rebels had held out in the city for over a year but finally agreed to a deal after repeated government assaults and a lack of supplies. This victory gives important momentum to Assad ahead of elections scheduled for early June, the legitimacy of which are in serious doubt. (Source: Businessweek)


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