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Students get involved in Senate

election_turnout_statsStudent Senate votes are officially in, and the newly elected members held their first meeting Tuesday night. Candidates this year saw Student Senate as an opportunity to have an impact on Knox’s campus and a way to network with new people.

Students voted to elect 24 new student senators. This year’s election consisted of a group of 31 students, made out of 11 freshmen, six sophomores, six juniors and eight seniors. Six students from each grade were elected to represent their classes and work alongside the Senate’s Executive Board.

As has been the case in previous years, the election brought a significant amount of freshman candidates. This high turnout is logical because running for a Senate position gives freshmen the opportunity to adjust to their new college life, to meet new people and to get involved on campus right away.

“I personally joined the campaign because I wanted to throw myself out there. I wanted to meet new people and get to know Knox,” freshman Kelsie Pos said. “But there is more than that now. I see so much success in the junior and senior classes, and I want to bring that same success to the freshman class. I want to bring new opportunities that will make my class succeed.”

Regardless of class year, the candidates came to the election with unique ideas that captured the attention of voters. From catchy campaign slogans like freshman Sofia Tagkaloglou’s “Vote for Me and I’ll Make The Knox Fox Visible for You,” to freshman Sam Klingher’s Tumblr campaign site.

“I’m impressed with the ideas some candidates are throwing out there,” said sophomore Tevin Liao, the current chair of the Campus Life Committee. “Some candidates are all about listening to any issues their classmates might have and are ready to act on them. They are ready to be true representatives. Other candidates are walking in with set goals in mind, like constructing a rock-climbing wall. I’m really excited to work with these people if they get elected.”

Sophomore Rohail Khan saw the ability to establish collaboration between students, staff and faculty as an advantage of being involved in Student Senate. Every student senator is required to attend a faculty meeting once a week. The possibility of not only implementing changes on campus but also within the administration offered students like Khan an additional reason to run for Student Senate.

“I want to form the bridge between the students and the administration to make the admission plans more accessible and provide the students with a voice,” Khan said. “I plan on organizing several community service events alongside working closely with the Dining Committee on projects related to sustainability on campus and preventing food wastage.”

Members of the Senate’s Executive Board were satisfied with the number of Knox students running for a position this year. In addition, members from the Executive Board, including Student Senate Vice President and senior Robert Turski, believe that a variety of students running will help the Student Senate better represent the Knox community.

“We want as many people as possible. We want to be an efficient force of change,” Turski said. “We want people who will be able to be involved from the inside with the Senate and administration and be able to communicate information out to the Knox students. We have good people running this year.”

Karen Caballero

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