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Thoughts from the embers: Live fully, pursue your passions

You get back what you put in to your time at Knox.

Imagine a world without involved citizens: a world without community kitchens, recreational sports leagues or even parent teacher associations. Contemplate momentarily a society absent of individuals who, without a mandate to do so, pursue their passions.

Is this a world you’d like to be a part of? Where your purpose is uniquely shaped by what you do to sustain your existence? As the editorial board of your student news source, we hope not.

The web of organizations run by passionate citizens provides the outlets in which you can express your chosen purposes in life.

Take a second to think about your college in the same way.

If there were no plays to attend, dance performances to marvel at, publications to read or bands to watch and listen to, would you feel fulfilled? Would you be happy eating, sleeping, attending class and then doing homework?

Rhetorical questions aside, the most fulfilled members of the Knox community are the most involved. There are cities outside of Galesburg better suited for those happiest to let other people shape their experience.

Everyone learns to become involved at different points in their lives. With that said, there will be no point when it is easier to find an opportunity to become involved than now. At no other point will you have clubs clamoring to have you come and contribute your opinion on something you care about. This is your time to pursue your passions to their fullest extents.

Every afternoon at the close of classes, Knox is alive because of people who care enough about an endeavor to provide a platform for students to become involved. There are numerous outlets to choose from and the standing invitation to create your own.

It is true that, first and foremost, coming to Knox is about pursuing something academic. There is no question that a major part of our education is the lessons absorbed from the faculty of this institution. However, you’d be hard-pressed to find a professor that would say that in-class education is sufficient enrichment.

Should you decide to check out after 4 p.m, you would in fact be ignoring the model put forth by our faculty, many of whom are involved in Galesburg and Knox outside of their teaching roles.

As an editorial board we’d like to debunk some of the reasons students quit their clubs.

We’re too busy.

First, it’s good to be busy; it is the consequence of activity. To be active is to recognize that you’ve been handed the burden of a brain and movable appendages. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience. We believe that oftentimes you’ll find that the best students at Knox are the most involved outside of the classroom.

There’s too much to choose from.

This is tough to overcome, but the truth is that you can’t do everything. Sample enough to feel that you’ve given enough of your interests a shot, and then pick what you are most passionate about. As Ron Swanson said, “Never half ass two things, whole ass one thing.”

We’re too tired.

Sleep deprivation is all too common at Knox, but often the collective tiredness felt by the student body has a lot more to do with lack of fulfillment. We find in the pursuit of that which we are most passionate about, we are filled with energy and purpose, not drained by the obligation.

It pains us to hear about dwindling club membership from various presidents on campus, not for the sake of the club but for the sake of the students missing out on the practical experience that will guide them toward fulfillment later in life.

The Knox campus is hungry for students who want to get involved. Simply approaching the leadership of a club at one of its advertised functions is more than enough effort to get yourself all the information you need in pursuit of your passion. If you happen to be a bit more shy, check out the clubs and organizations page on the Knox website and use their contact for the Office of Student Development to get in touch. Moreover, starting your own club or organization is very doable at Knox. A few meetings with the Senate (check their website for details) and you can find yourself with your own official group.

Ultimately, we want you to decide if you feel like your purpose is to do what people instruct you to care about.


TKS Editorial Board

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