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News Briefs: Galesburg purchases Seminary St. building for $210k

$210k building purchase could be National Railroad Hall of Fame

GALESBURG – In a $210k purchase, the city of Galesburg bought a building across from Amtrak on Seminary St. that could potentially be the National Railroad Hall of Fame. However, this assertion is contested. Executive Director of the National Railroad Hall of Fame Julie King stated she hopes to bring in the money for a site through federal assistance. And while some city officials hope for the location to become the Hall of Fame, others say it will become a parking lot and green space. The city hopes to purchase more property on the block as it becomes available, though funds will need to be brought in from other districts of the city as in this first purchase. (Source: The Register-Mail)

First patient diagnosed with Ebola in US dies

DALLAS – Thomas Eric Duncan, who is the first man to be diagnosed with Ebola in the United States, died on Oct. 8 in Dallas, Texas. Duncan returned to Texas from Liberia about a month ago and developed symptoms five days after arrival. Family and friends have said they felt the initial dismissal from the hospital when Duncan sought treatment and the delay on giving him experiential drugs was influenced by him being Liberian and not American. The roughly 48 people Duncan came in contact with are now being watched for signs of the disease. (Source: Washington Post)

Despite bombings, ISIL moves closer to Turkish border

MURSITPINAR, TURKEY – After two days of intensive airstrikes, Islamic State militants continue to move toward the Syrian border with Turkey and have encircled the Syrian city of Kobani. Kurdish fighters have asked the Turkish government if they may enter Kobani through Mursitpinar, but Turkey refused to do so unless the Kurds broke ties with an illegal Kurdish separatist party in Turkey. The fate of Kobani is still unknown, though thousands of civilians risk death if the Islamic State takes control of the city. (Source: The New York Times)

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