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Fall playlist: eclectic sounds for studying

“All Those Friendly People” by Funeral Suits

         Funeral Suits is one of those catchy indie pop bands that, despite its relative obscurity, produces music worthy of a festival crowd. The band’s playful synth harmonies and electric guitar melodies create a polished sound suitable for easy listening on the lawn in front of Old Main. Their 2012 single “All Those Friendly People” is a particularly nostalgic song that reminisces of childhood naivetŽ and young love while contemplating the future and life’s uncertainties. Funeral Suits’ “All Those Friendly People” is for fans of Grouplove, Neon Trees and Two Door Cinema Club.

“Forest Whitaker” by Bad Books

         A melancholy folk band, Bad Books writes songs that contemplate the struggles of self-discovery and life. Despite their euphonic guitar riffs and drum machine beats, the band’s songs focus on lead singer Kevin Devine’s feelings of loneliness and regret. The song “Forest Whitaker,” off their 2012 album ‘II’, meditates on youthful sorrows and lost love. The song may sound familiar to fans of the sitcom ‘How I Met Your Mother’ because it appeared in the Season 9 episode ‘Bass Player Wanted.’ Bad Books’ “Forest Whitaker” is for fans of Neutral Milk Hotel, Pavement and Manchester Orchestra (of which Devine is also lead singer).

“The Bay” by Metronomy

         A creative musical project hailing from Devon, England, Metronomy combines minimalist electronic harmonies, funky bass lines and English charm to create a lo-fi sound reminiscent of the synthpop and New Wave music of the 1980s. Their song “The Bay,” off of their 2011 album ‘The English Riviera,’ opens with a smooth synth solo; as the bass line and muted high hats come in, the song quickly builds momentum before the vocals even enter. By the electric guitar solo after the second chorus, the band has encompassed the listener in a warm blanket of synth and vocal harmonies that will stay in the listener’s head all day. Metronomy’s “The Bay” is for fans of Passion Pit, Gorillaz and David Bowie.


“Young Presidents” by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

         A playful band with an even more playful name, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin combines the poppy lead guitars of 1960s folk and the synth/keyboard harmonies of 1990s New Wave. Their song “Young Presidents” off their 2013 album ‘Fly by Wire’ has a nostalgic sound that’s perfect for a Sunday evening picnic. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin’s “Young Presidents” is for fans of Voxtrot, Oberhofer and Frightened Rabbit.


Stefan Torralba

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