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NAACP to host local candidate forum Thursday night

In the midst of state and federal races, candidates for local office are often left forgotten. The Knox County chapter of the NAACP, which in part works toward voter education, is hoping to shed some light on the local races at an event at the Boys and Girls Club this Thursday evening.

Instead of a traditional debate-style event, this will be a mixer, allowing voters to interact directly with candidates and ask any questions they may have of them. Nearly all of the candidates have confirmed their attendance at this time.

The forum will also feature information on a public safety tax to assist with 911 emergency response funding. The tax, which would at .25 percent sales tax, went to a vote in March and was rejected by a wide margin. Supporters are trying to educate voters about the tax  this time round in hopes of increasing support for it.

The event will run from 6-8 p.m. and will be held at the Boys and Girls Club at 242 Depot Street.

Callie Rouse
Callie Rouse graduated in 2017 as a international relations major and double minor in creative writing and history. She has been involved in journalism since her sophomore year in high school and worked for The Knox Student for four years. She worked as a News Editor her sophomore to senior years. During her freshman year Callie served as Student Government Reporter.

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