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News Briefs: Soldier killed at National War Memorial in Ottawa

Voters will weigh in on hot button topics in November

CHICAGO – Alongside voting for local and statewide candidates, Illinois residents will be able to share their options on five controversial topics. The state hopes to use the results to gauge the overall temperature of the state on the issues. The first question asks if birth control should be covered by insurance companies. Another measure is the millionaire’s tax, which would take a three percent income tax for people making over $1 million for education funds. The ballot also asks if minimum wage should be raised from $8.25 to $10 by 2015 and if a law should be put in place to safeguard the rights of race or sexual minorities from voter ID laws. The final measure is a crime victims’ rights law ensuring the victims have adequate information and protection given to them during trial. (Source: The Galesburg Register-Mail)

Ben Bradlee, Washington Post editor during Watergate, dies at 93

WASHINGTON – Ben Bradlee made the Washington Post what it is today. He served 26 years as the editor-in-chief and during his time circulation of the paper and his staff both doubled, creating a soaring reputation and bringing in 17 Pulitzer Prize winners. His most famous years came during the Watergate scandal, when Post writers were able to link the scandal to President Richard Nixon and brought about his resignation from office. Bradlee also made the decision to report on the Pentagon Papers detailing a secret history of the Vietnam War. At 93, he died as a legacy.  (Source: The Washington Post)

Soldier, gunman dead after Ottawa War Memorial shooting

OTTAWA, Canada – A soldier on duty at the National War Memorial in downtown Ottawa was shot dead on Wednesday morning. The gunman then proceeded to steal a car and drive it to the doors of the Center Block of Parliamentary Hill. Upon entering the building, he discarded 30 to 50 shots before he was killed by the House of Commons sergeant-at-arms. Prime Minister Stephen Harper was on the Hill during the shooting, but was brought to safety. (Source: CBC News)

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