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Dormcore: Lights, Tapestries and Poster Cut-outs

Dormcore is a biweekly profile on students’ living spaces.

How creative can dorm room decorations get? Six weeks have already approached for most students, but for sophomores Jazmin Morales and Nejla Ghane, seven weeks was enough to ornate their walls with warm lights, several magazine cut-outs, posters, and distinctly colored tapestry.

“We were both orientation leaders so we got to Knox a week before class started. We unpacked our stuff, moved our furniture, and started decorating,” Ghane said. “At home, everything’s black and white, and not colorful.”

Many students can testify that their rooms on campus did not look like their rooms back home.

“We decorate it more here so it can feel like home,” Morales said.

I asked a few students, “What is one thing you could not leave at home?”

When asked what pieces in particular establish their dorm’s warm, comfy vibe, Ghane quickly responded,  “My tigger pillow,” while Morales proudly remarked,  “My tapestries from summer musical festivals.” The sentimental value behind these mementos undoubtedly adds to the coziness of the room.

While other students consider room-decorating a trivial matter, the two roommates clearly take it seriously. They do everything they can to establish the welcoming familiarity akin to a real home.

Sophomores Jazmin Morales and Nejla Ghane hang pieces of art amid fairy lights in their dorm. (Sarah Choi/TKS)

Sophomores Jazmin Morales and Nejla Ghane hang pieces of art amid fairy lights in their dorm. (Sarah Choi/TKS)


Would others be able to confidently say this as well?

Without a doubt, for each decorated rooms, there is a sense of ownership no one can duplicate, not even Pinterest.

Sarah Choi

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