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Open letter from Student Senate

To whom it may concern:

As representatives of the student body, we, the Student Senate of Knox College, would like to acknowledge and express appreciation toward those who have taken a stand to inform the Knox community of some of the many injustices that have, unfortunately, afflicted some of our students. We would like to acknowledge those students who have been brave enough to post personal stories around campus to educate their peers about some of these lesser-talked-about issues we face today. Thank you for your voice, and understand that we have heard you and admire your desire to support one another.

Although we support those students who have spoken up, we are also representatives of other students. We encourage the students who have taken their messages to paper through a poster campaign (such as “Trigger Warning”) to also be aware of the lack of safe spaces on campus for survivors. But to also be aware that because those posters are not always in safe spaces, they can be triggers to those who have their own way of processing. While Student Senate would like to extend our support to those students who have spoken up, we would also like to encourage those students to seek other outlets through which they can spread that message.

In no way do we wish to minimize the efforts of those students who have taken a stand, nor are we hoping to silence those brave voices; rather, we are asking that the people behind those voices please take into consideration the different ways in which people cope, and respect the emotional well-being of their peers.

We would like for students to continue to speak up and engage in these difficult dialogues, while also making sure that everyone continues to feel safe. We want to work with you to create a campus environment that supports dialogue surrounding the issues recently brought to light. If there are any suggestions on how we can continue to promote inclusivity and safe spaces, we are always open and we welcome everyone’s thoughts.

For those students who are challenging the status quo and speaking up, we commend you for your bravery and actions and hope that you feel comfortable enough to come to us, should there be ways in which you could use our assistance or input.

Thank you for your strength.


Student Senate


Student Senate

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