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News Briefs: Police called twice to Knox event

Police called twice to Knox event

GALESBURG, ILL. — Police were called twice to BarCode, the official after party following the event This Is My Africa at McGillacuddy’s.  One student was told to leave the premises when he and his friend refused to give IDs to the bartender and a fight broke out between the student and bartender.  Neither subject wished to press charges, but the student was asked to leave the event.

One hour later, police were dispatched to the bar again due to a damage complaint. According to police reports, a student allegedly kicked in the glass in the front door window. No charges were filed under conditions that the students would pay $100 to compensate for damage. (Source: Galesburg Police Department records)

Missouri Governor says National Guard an option in Ferguson

WELDON SPRINGS, MO. — Missouri Governor Jay Nixon announced Tuesday that the Missouri National Guard was part of contingency plan by law enforcement officials to avert violence in the region around St. Louis, where inhabitants are awaiting a return from the grand jury on the death of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager who was fatally shot by white police officer Darren Wilson in August.

The employment of the Guard was criticized by demonstrators who said it was a military-style approach by the authorities. They also criticized Nixon’s plan and said that possible employment of the Guard in the future is an overreaction. (Source: New York Times)

US, China sign carbon emissions reduction agreement

WASHINGTON — The world’s top producers of carbon emissions, the United States and China, have agreed for the first time to commit to cut their emission to combat climate change and encourage other nations to adhere to similar restrictions.

Experts warn that these new reductions will not be enough to prevent the global atmospheric temperature increase of two degrees Celsius. Scientists predict that global warming will cause more severe storms and natural disasters, drought, rising sea levels and other dangers to the environment. (Source: New York Times)

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