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Year of the EPL underdogs?

It’s been quite a while since the Premier League last saw a major shake up in the grand scheme of things. The elite clubs have long dominated, not only in terms of production on the field but in the willingness to open their checkbooks. While this works out for the supporters of these large clubs, it leaves something to be desired for those on the smaller side of things. Every so often, however, a team will punch above their weight and run the table.

Yet, the smaller clubs seem to be out with a point to prove this season. Southampton —Soccer prediciton sketch a club promoted only two seasons ago and predicted to finish in the lower half of the table — sit comfortably in second position in the league, even after the sale of a few star players.

Meanwhile, West Ham United and Swansea are in fourth and fifth place respectively. This is not an occurrence that has much precedent at this point of the season, as by this juncture the usual top four teams are clearly dominating. But this is one of the most defining reasons as to why we love Football so much and find the EPL to be the most dramatic thing on television (to those of us who watch it anyway).

What, then, does it mean that West Ham, a relegation threatened team last season are now outstripping their competitors who have the ability to spend millions more? And Swansea, the side who fired their best manager in a while only to somehow hang on, are making numerous positive strides after being able to hang on to the talismanic Wilfried Bony.

Now Southampton are scheduled to play an Aston Villa side that haven’t won in seven straight games. Surely this will be an easy win and another three points for the Saints to pull off what might be an unbelievable run.

West Ham, on the other hand, will not have such an easy run of things, but will instead be facing an Everton team brimming with talent under the helm of an extremely talented manager. It is always heartening to see the Cinderella stories; as such I’m going to be rooting for both teams to go as far as possible.


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