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News Briefs: New Amtrak route may go through Galesburg

New Amtrak route considered through Galesburg

GALESBURG, ILL. — Amtrak is conducting a feasibility study for a new route from Dansville, Ill. to the Quad Cities, connecting universities across the state. Stops along the way include Champaign-Urbana, Bloomington-Normal, Peoria and Galesburg. Aside from Knox, colleges on the route are Western Illinois University, Bradley University, Illinois State University and others. The study should be completed in a few months time.

Mormon church backs LGBT anti-discrimination laws

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH — The Mormon Church moved Tuesday to a more middle-line position on LGBT issues. The Church will support some anti-discrimination laws, as long as the religious freedoms of those who oppose gay equality are protected. The Church will not alter its doctrine as a result, which states that sex outside of a marriage between a man and woman is immoral. While opinions on the move are mixed, the stance distances the Church from its controversial 2008 position supporting gay marriage in California. (Source: Washington Post)

Jordan offers prisoner exchange with ISIS

AMMAN, JORDAN — The Jordanian government agreed on Wednesday to exchange a convicted terrorist for an air force pilot held by the Islamic State. The Islamic State has threatened to kill the pilot as well as a Japanese journalist, who the Japanese government say they are trying to get released. Jordan has recently come under criticism for its support for the American-led coalition against the Islamic State, and the pilot captured was part of the coalition completing airstrikes against ISIS.(Source: New York Times)

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Feb 16, 2015

You’d have to be desperate to join the LDS Church. It’s founding members were polygamists who supported and taught official doctrines like child molestation and victimizing women. The Federal Government had to force the LDS Church to stop. It’s leaders are openly atheists – they do not believe in its teachings and support the LDS Church for convenience.

The LDS Church is full of people who have been victimized by society at some point in the past. Although it has benefits, the costs are significant. Members are required to pay, pray, and obey – they don’t live normal healthy lives because they must spend so much of their time worshipping LDS Prophets.

I would very careful with them. They are screwed up!

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