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Winter blues

London has an old saying that one day has four seasonal weather changes. Like London, Galesburg’s weather is so unpredictable that London’s old saying is applied to Galesburg. Day by day, Galesburg’s weather is changeable. Some days are unexpectedly warm and some days are unreasonably cold. Easily changeable weather is influential on our school life in terms of emotions, academic performance and health.

A beautiful clear-sky day in Galesburg. (Joshua Ji/TKS)

A beautiful clear-sky day in Galesburg. (Joshua Ji/TKS)

In the Fall Term, most days had autumn-like weather, while some days were unbelievably cold so that I needed to wear winter jackets. Some days were so gloomy that I couldn’t concentrate on studying since I felt depressed because of my gloomy mood. I am emotionally sensitive so that weather affects my mood and health significantly. For example, when it’s getting colder, I usually have a cough, cold and running nose problem because my body can’t adapt to sudden changes of weather. So, I want to avoid the seasonal changing periods such as fall to winter because of my weak adaptability about weather changes. Nevertheless, unpredictable weather in Galesburg has provided me with memorable moments that I have never had before.

The first memorable moment was the first day of arriving at Knox College. When I landed at Moline Quad City Airport, sunshine weather was welcoming me to come to Knox College. It was even hot more than warm. The sky was too high to see clouds in the blue-sky colored background. Especially, when I rode in a Knox College pick-up car and opened the side window, the breezing soft wind was touching my face as if it whispered to me that, “This is Galesburg, which is a new place for studying from now on.” Moving into my dorm got me sweaty all over; ironically I felt tired but happy to move in the new place to start my academic journey. Sunny weather in the blue sky brought me a bright expectation about studying in Knox College in Galesburg.

Amazing winter sunset in Galesburg. (Joshua Ji/TKS)

Amazing winter sunset in Galesburg. (Joshua Ji/TKS)

Another memorable moment was the first day of this winter term. It was snowing a lot during a couple of days near the first day of the winter term. After taking classes, I went to the gym and rode a cycle machine and I stretched my legs and arms. Since the gym was closed from Christmas until the winter term started, I couldn’t do exercising at the gym. Right before sunset was gone away, the sky looked like an aurora phenomenon which I have wanted to see. Even if many crows were flying over the sky to move from trees to other trees, the sky’s sunset scene made me be deeply moved about being here at Knox College. A mass of colors such as red, blue and violet were synchronized in the dark grey winter sky.

So far, ongoing winter weather in Galesburg has provided me with special moments that I have seen the sky’s delicate changes. Even if the air is usually cold and freezing at night time, whenever I could see many stars and a moon, I would feel refreshed because those stars and moon seem to throw light on my way. I would believe that one of many twinkle little stars would be my dream star which will lead me to keep going in the right direction. I wouldn’t be able to be lost on my way, because my little twinkle star will brighten my way for achieving my uncatchable dream.


Josh Ji

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