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Schlaf anticipates potential snow emergency

Students venture outside into the cold Sunday, January 5. (Casey Mendoza/TKS)

Students venture outside into the cold. (Casey Mendoza/TKS)

In a campus-wide email Friday, Director of Campus Safety John Schlaf announced that heavy snow and wind is anticipated this weekend until Sunday, Feb. 1. Schlaf said that current weather forecasts predict that the area could receive up to eight inches of snow during the course of the weekend.

Schlaf said that if these predications are accurate the City of Galesburg will likely declare a snow emergency. He said that during snow emergencies, cars must be removed from city streets so they can be plowed. Vehicles not moved to college lots or off of city streets may be subject to $50 City Snow Emergency Citations or approximately $75 fees for towing, according to Schlaf.

Schlaf encouraged students to share this information with individuals who have cars and to use excess caution when traveling outside.

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