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Review: Matt and Kim are back and as energetic as ever

Graphic by Griffin Belzer/TKS

Graphic by Griffin Belzer/TKS

Three years after their last album, “Lightning,” energetic indie poppers Matt and Kim are in the midst of producing a new album, entitled “New Glow,” with a May 2015 release date. Today, the duo dropped a single to draw anticipation for their album release. Their new song “Hey Now” is a nostalgic ode to the Matt and Kim fans have come to know and love. With its lively brass riff, simple drumbeats, and subtle synth harmonies, the song is catchy and bubbly in the way only a Matt and Kim song can be. It’s a track that belongs on your work-out playlist, your pregame playlist, your party playlist, really just any playlist that’s supposed to get you hyped up. And in classic Matt and Kim fashion, the music video that accompanies the track features a stagnant camera, awkward dancing and lovable shenanigans. “Hey Now” is a track that’ll whisk you back to the summer of 2009, the summer of “Daylight.”

You can watch the video below:

Stefan Torralba

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