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Time crunch: Health over homework

Every day, we are given 24 hours for managing time. However, it is hard to keep time management. At least for me, it is always challenging homework for me to manage my time schedule every day. Following a timetable doesn’t fit with my flexible schedule, which I have to add extra work to. Writing a list about things to do every day is one of my time management methods. More than knowing a to-do list, balancing studying time and resting is the most important thing for keeping up and working harder while recharging energy.

In the fall term of 2014, I had a big problem with time management, lacking time to study and to sleep. Since it takes me twice as long as others to read books in my linguistics class, I always lack extra time to study. Of course, sleeping was not allowed for me because I was usually staying up all nights in Founders or in Taylor Lounge.

Usually, I looked really tired and somewhat depressed because of what I have done slower than others in linguistics class. When a professor says the homework will take about three hours, most students will finish it in only two hours while I usually take four hours or so. I felt suffocated by my tight schedule since I had no time to sleep and eat. Without sleeping and eating repeatedly, I had daily headaches and stomachaches and I usually vomited whenever I tried to eat meals in the cafeteria. When I had time to revise my essay in the CTL one day in November, I felt so dizzy that I went to vomit in the restroom. Outside the restroom, there were two other students who heard my vomiting sounds.

They were shocked that I was in pain and highly recommended I go to the Health Center. Stopping in the middle of revising my paper in the CTL, I went to the Health Center and I was diagnosed with a stressful stomachache digestion disability. I had to go to Walgreens to buy some medication for healing my digestion disability. The doctor told me, “Please, Joshua, take a rest and sleep for your health. You are too tired to balance your health and your studies. Please think of your academic life in long-term perspective. You must take a rest sometimes unless you want a serious disease.”

From then, I changed my time management method to finish at the minimum time available for me rather than taking as much time as I can like before I had a digestion disability.

These days, I write a to-do-list in my small diary with the minimum time and maximum time available for me in order to manage my limited time effectively. If my homework takes more time than I expected, I would finish within the minimum time so that I could finish it later when I have extra time after finishing the to-do list.

It is not procrastinating, but managing my limited time by splitting it into small time puzzles to balance my study and my rest. With my new way of managing time, I could be more efficient to finish my homework and to balance my working life and resting life.

If anyone feels stressed about managing their busy life, check out available time first and split the time into small time amounts of 30 minutes standard for finishing your work efficiently within 30 minutes. Let’s cheer up in February!


Josh Ji

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