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Religion and the search for hope

Everybody has their own rightness. Everybody has their own standards. Everybody has their own belief which must be kept as it is. Sometimes people are so religious that they fight with each other for different religions and different Gods. In some ways, as people believe their own beliefs, it might be right to say that people have their own rightness of God in their minds. More often than times where we are aware of our confusions about where we are going, we are unaware of what is right and what is wrong.  People are born with no belief; nevertheless, their ending is made by their beliefs in the life that they lived. Repeated challenging experiences are meaningful for me, as I believe that I am willing to lose out on something in order to grow.  Nevertheless, why I am still alive and believing in myself is because of a strong faith in God’s rightness.

On Sunday last week, I finally went to church. At that time, I was very disappointed in myself because things around me didn’t go as well as I had expected. However, I kept believing that with my God things would be okay later. I was finding it difficult to deal with events in my personal life in that moment. In addition, I felt unsure about myself because I blamed myself for these feelings of disappointment. Nevertheless, I went to church and the church made me feel more positive than I had been three minutes before I entered. The church was full of happiness and many people that were content to be there. The sermon that the priest gave was impressive to me: “Difficulties always come first before happiness comes.” It was the right explanation to describe my situation. I had to deal with difficulties before happiness would come to me. I concentrated on praying and believing. I hoped that things will be better sooner and I would be okay.

At the end of worship, we sang a song about  God’s glorious love and us. There were two memorable lyrics for me: “We are not alone” and  “God is fighting for us always.” The lyrics touched my mind. I realized that it is not only me  but also others who have their own difficulties to face. And I became aware of the fact that “We are not alone,” and “We are partially depending on others because we have an empathy.” I felt very thankful for my friends at Knox because they help me to overcome whenever I feel down. The second lyric was more meaningful for me at that time. I take myself and dive into God as I fight with myself for self-improvement. I see that God helps those who help themselves.

I know that it is hard for us to believe our faith perfectly. It is okay for us to believe partially. I suggest that we be more trusting in ourselves by believing in a God who will guide us in the right direction. God is an invisible existence so that may not appear like what the real world looks like to us. As long as you believe in yourself – your rightness, your fairness – it will help you to be yourself in spite of your struggles. Don’t get down even if you have big hardships to deal with. Your belief about rightness will lead you on the right track in your bright life.


Josh Ji

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