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News Briefs: Fire in Broadview Restaurant

Broadview Restaurant catches fire, one of three in area

GALESBURG — In the third fire in 24 hours for the Knox County Health Department, firefighters responded to a fire at Broadview Restaurant in the early morning of March 4. The source of the fire was located in and above a room to the rear of the kitchen. Firefighters were forced to remove a large portion of room above the fire to prevent its spread into the rest of the restaurant. An attached hotel, with 36 occupants for the night, was not damaged. The first floor of the hotel was evacuated as a result of smoke entering from the restaurant. No injuries have been reported. Broadview will remain closed indefinitely. (Source: Galesburg Register-Mail)

Supreme Court will rule on Obamacare subsidies

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The terminology “established by the State” in the Affordable Care Act could be lethal to the health care law, as Obamacare is reviewed before the Supreme Court for the second time. Conservative legalists are challenging the language by saying that it means subsidies can only be provided to those qualified to purchase insurance through a marketplace that was “established by the State.” This puts in danger transactions taking place in two thirds of the nation, which are set up by federal authorities in places where the state has not done so. As many as 7.5 million persons could lose their subsidies if the laws are changed to a system where only states may establish these marketplaces. (Source: Washington Post)

Kerry speaks on Iran in Saudi Arabia

MONTREUX, Switzerland — On Wednesday, Secretary of State John Kerry flew to Saudi Arabia to discuss the potential deal with Iran on its nuclear program. Saudi Arabia, as well as many other nations in the region, are not happy about the terms of the Iran deal. The deal has a limited duration and would allow Iran to keep some of its nuclear infrastructure. Kerry has until the end of the month to draw up an agreement between America and Iran that satisfies both parties, amid much outside pressure from other nations in the Middle East. (Source: New York Times)

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