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Overcoming loss

Everyone has a losing experience at least once during their lifetime. Everyone has different kinds of losing experiences according to what they lose during their daily lives. Everyone can feel lost when they face other people’s death. Everyone can feel like they have lost themselves when they face difficulties or have to make important decisions.

Even when people have no choice but to accept unfair decisions, they feel like losing their righteous values and their right to do something fair. However, if you have a situation where you lose your own values, you must not feel down nor feel like losing everything that makes up your own values. You must accept the losing experience as a preparation period for accepting better things that will come to you later.These days, I have felt that I lost my values because I had to accept an unfair situation I have experienced. The unfair situation resulted in my being banned from going to Founders Lab. I had no choice but to accept this decision.

My story consists of three simple parts. I was kicked out of Founders because I looked like I was sleeping in Founders on Feb. 7.  I was just closing my eyes to get some rest. The attendant was very rude to me. Without any warning at midnight on Feb. 7, he came over to me and he kept watching me to see whether I was sleeping or not. I felt weirdness about his monitoring, and I was told by him that he was going to take a picture of me because it looked like I was sleeping and send it to his supervisor. I was kicked out of Founders again because I asked the attendant why he reported me finally on Feb. 14. The situation was not sorted out even though I tried to persuade him that I just looked like I was sleeping on Feb. 7. The situation that I experienced made me feel wordless because it made no sense to me. The whole process that ended up with me being banned from going to Founders made me feel like I had lost myself and my right to defend myself.

We don’t always have good experiences in our lives. We sometimes feel losing experiences in terms of our values because of unfair situations. Others have different perceptions about the situations that you think are unfair to you because they have different ideas from what you feel you stand for. But what is really important is for you not to forget to be careful about the fact that different perspectives shouldn’t be allowed to lead discrepancies for you. Differences don’t allow us to discriminate against someone else. It takes time to recover a hurt mind and  a painful memory. But it will be okay sooner than expected because better things will come soon.

Josh Ji

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