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A new GOP pool brings excitement

Do you plan to vote in the Republican primary?  Which candidates are you most excited about?


I thought I would start Spring Term with a bang and answer this question right off the bat. To answer the first part, yes, I do plan on voting in the Illinois GOP primary (is that the cue to light me on fire as I walk to class tomorrow?), although who I vote for will definitely depend on how the campaigning goes throughout the next 11 months. The Illinois Republican Primary is tentatively set for March 15, 2016, and right now only three candidates have officially announced they are running for president: Ted Cruz (U.S. senator from Texas, former solicitor general), Mark Everson (businessman from Mississippi) and Jack Fellure (formerly of the Prohibition Party), and some of those names may not even ring any bells for you no matter which party you plan on voting with. There are plenty of others who have speculated publicly that they may possibly be interested in running for president (Bobby Jindal, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Donald Trump, just to name a few of my own personal favorites), but right now who the candidate will be is completely up in the air, considering the party and the country literally have no clue who is going to succeed in the primary, let alone who could succeed in the national 2016 election.

I do not want to come out and support any given candidate right away, considering the election is so far away, controversies and scandals will probably still arise and, most of all, considering the fact that many may assume public support for a candidate seems to imply outright 100 percent agreement with everything he or she says.

But what I can say is that I am very much excited about candidates like Jindal, Rubio and even Bush. All of them, of course, have spoken out on subjects I do not particularly agree with (i.e. Jindal and his stance on evolution vs. creationism, Rubio on climate change and Bush on Common Core), but I am not looking for the perfect candidate. The way I see it, change is coming, no matter who is chosen to run for president in either party, and it won’t be the kind of “change” Obama promised us back in ‘07 and ‘08 that left thousands of Americans without health insurance.

What I am also excited about is the diversity in the potential candidates for the GOP ticket; don’t know what I’m talking about or think I’m full of sh*t? Do some research, kid. There is more racial diversity in those speculated to run for president on the red side than on the blue. I am not saying that to prove a point or to make any party seem superior or more loveable (mostly because all politicians are terrible, no matter the party), but I am saying it to wash away stereotypes. If  that’s grinding your gears, well, maybe you should try a new perspective on for size and not value party lines so much.

Shannon Caveny

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Apr 10, 2015

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Since 2009 the number of uninsured has risen from about 46 million
in 2009 to 48.6 million in 2012, the number of preventable deaths due to
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As of May 2014, about 20 million Americans had gained health insurance
coverage under the ACA, and the percentage of uninsured Americans
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