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The power of details, differences

At least once in life, everybody has asked of themselves, “Who am I?” As people grow up, they usually meet new people in new places. People want to know why everyone has differences and plays different roles in the society. Even identical twins have personality differences between one another.

Everything we experience in the world is not the same as what we already know. Especially when we think of something very expensive and valuable, but at the same time, we feel like it’s unreasonably high-priced. The answer to our questions is here in little details of what makes everything different.

Here at Knox, we came to study our interests and to improve our knowledge. However, it is more important to have a detailed good hobby that is tailored to fit own academic life than just focusing on studies. Little moments give rise to these differences.

For instance, one Tuesday afternoon, I felt very sleepy in the library and I wanted to buy a can of coffee in the C-store to wake up. There were a lot of Starbucks cans, but what caught my eye mostly was the doubleshot and protein one. It’s because I thought that this coffee would help me wake up with its doubleshot of espresso, and its 20 grams of protein would help my health.

However, when it was barcoded on the cashier’s desk, I was really surprised by how expensive it was: $3.35. At only 325 milliliters, one can of vanilla bean coffee shouldn’t cost $3.35. I told the cashier to stop swiping my card because I wanted to buy banana chips: $2.29. No matter how much Starbucks is known for tasty and expensive coffee, it didn’t make sense for me that a small can of coffee is more expensive than healthy banana chips. Then I tried to understand why by thinking of daily life activities.

Starbucks gets its price point by focusing on its brand name coffee with a small additional detail — 20 grams of protein in it. Rather than relying on their typical coffee, they decided to add to it and use the difference to attract more customers. They took initiative and refused to let their brand be defined by what they did in the past.

Like the coffee example, our life is full of little details. We can’t be explained or defined by only one adjective, word or preferred names. Our details that make us different from others, make our life have different characteristics and lead us to be ourselves. Some people think that life can’t be owned by us.

However, the only people who can control their lives are those people themselves. Nobody can touch others’ lifestyles and life details. We are designers who design our life uniquely and make value for ourselves and surrounding people. Let’s make some valuable daily habits and studying habits for upgrading our life better and more valuable for ourselves. Successful people are made up of the little things that make them different. They became great with valuable details in their lives.

Josh Ji

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