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News Briefs: California considers mandatory vaccinations

Galesburg celebrates Boston Marathon runner

GALESBURG  In defiance of a foot injury, Galesburg’s Carmen Peterson, 38, was one of 26 thousand people who ran at the Boston Marathon this past Monday. She ran the marathon in a little under four hours, slowed but not stopped by the pain in her foot. She was one of 6 thousand women in her age group, 18-39, to compete. (Source: Galesburg Register-Mail)

California considering vaccination requirement

LOS ANGLES — A bill in California that would require nearly all children in the state to be vaccinated advanced in State Legislature on Wednesday. The bill would eliminate the “personal belief” exemptions that individuals can currently claim to avoid vaccinating their children. Parents who currently refuse to vaccinate for philosophical or religious reasons would have to educate their children at home. If the bill is approved, California would become one of three states that require vaccination as a condition for children to go to school unless there is a valid medical reason not to do so. The bill has sparked debate within the state and hundreds of people protested at the Capitol in Sacramento, arguing that the bill limited their rights and would shut their children out of school. The bill still must be passed by several committees before going into effect. (Source: New York Times)

Gazprom comes under European Commission scrutiny

MOSCOW — The Russian natural gas giant Gazprom, often used by President Vladimir Putin in political maneuvers, has been accused by the European Commission of abusing its dominance over countries such as Lithuania, Poland and Bulgaria, which are heavily dependent on Russia for natural gas, by charging them higher prices and making it difficult for their customers to resell the gas to other countries. Gazprom defended its actions as a governmental corporation. (Source: New York Times)

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