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Administration responds to “Title IX probe”

Dear Editor,

The lead article in the May 7 edition of The Knox Student, “OCR adds to Title IX probe,” reminds us all that the suffering of any student is heartbreaking and must be taken seriously by every member of the College’s community. Like other colleges and universities, Knox constantly reviews and amends its policies and procedures in order to provide prompt, thorough and equitable investigations and resolutions. Some of our recent changes, such as eliminating grievance hearings, were in direct response to effective student advocacy and the compelling accounts of survivors. We appreciate input from our students and encourage a continued conversation on how we can best balance fairness, support, and compassion.

Out of respect for the privacy of all involved, the College does not comment publicly on individual sexual assault investigations or resolutions. The College’s procedures are in line with the latest guidance from the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights; for a comprehensive picture of the College’s policies and procedures to address sexual misconduct, harassment and violence, please visit www.knox.edu/titleIX.

Resources for survivors can be found here: www.knox.edu/daretocare. We encourage all members of the Knox community to become familiar with the resources available to all who experience sexual assault.

We also encourage students to to complete Haven, a 45-minute interactive online training that will empower you to make well-informed decisions about important personal choices and provides a basic understanding of active bystander intervention skills. You can access training at My.Knox.Edu, or for instructions to set-up your account e-mail daretocare@knox.edu.

Knox strives to provide a safe, respectful learning community, and we must all work together to realize this most deeply held value.


Teresa Amott, President

Kim Schrader, Lead Title IX Coordinator

Teresa Amott

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