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Knox Soccer trumps MacMurray, renews claim of Ferris Trophy

Knox Men and Women’s Soccer shut down MacMurray Wednesday, each able to place 10 goals in the back of the net.

The women’s team came out strong, scoring eight of their 10 goals in the first half. Top scorer Kayla Brown claiming her first hat trick of the season. With five different scorers against MacMurray the team shows they can produce star forwards, as well as depth in shooters. The team has made changes to utilize these shooters and shooting depth this season.

“We have 38 girls on the team and 20 of them are a midfielder of some sorts. They’re all hungry to score,” junior goalkeeper Theresa Birzer said. “We’re working a 4-3-3 formation that gets even our defenders into the attack. Last season the goal was to cut back on goals conceded. This season our mission is to increase goals scored.”

The men’s team was able to hold off MacMurray, giving freshman goalkeeper Shane Bollini his first collegiate shut out. The team kept a steady pace thanks to their two top scorers, senior Will McGowan and freshman Joe Dyer, each scoring three goals.

MacMurray, becoming increasingly aggressive, gave up two goals due to penalty kicks. The team shows no signs of slowing as they near their first conference game of the season.

These victories mark the fourth straight year both men and women’s soccer have earned the Ferris Trophy, as well as the fourth year of the trophy’s establishment. The Ferris Trophy is a traveling prize only between Knox and MacMurray, created to help settle the dispute of who claims George Ferris, the inventor of the Ferris Wheel.

Ferris is a Galesburg native whose company is located in Jacksonville along with MacMurray. The Eli Bridge Company still manufactures Ferris Wheels today. The longstanding dispute over who claims George Ferris has now been boiled down to two soccer games once a year. With Knox’s unblemished record against MacMurray, it seems obvious who Ferris belongs to.


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