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Kappa runs with new fall fundraiser

In place of last year’s fall fundraiser, “Save-a-Heart,” the sisters of Kappa Kappa Gamma have come up with something entirely new to raise money for charity and engage the Knox community. Save-a-Heart took the place of Kappa’s long-standing fall fundraiser, Win-a-Date.

“I think it had been going on for so long that there was just less interest in doing it, and there was some controversy with the name,” Kappa Philanthropy Chairperson and sophomore Jeri Rosenbloom said of Win-A-Date. “So one of my sorority sisters came up to me and said, ‘we should do a color run.’’”

According to Rosenbloom, a lot goes into planning a 5K run. “Last year for homecoming they did a 5K with the Alumni Association, so I went to the people that planned that [for help],” she said. “You have to turn in parade and barricade permits to the city, then you have to get liability forms, and we’re getting t-shirts for all the participants and we’re ordering them from a local place in town.”

Senior and Kappa Public Relations Chairperson Andrea Santoyo expressed her excitement as well. “I think the Kolor Run will have some staying power. This is different and the weather is perfect, so I think it’s gonna be great,” she said. “It’s for the Nepali Earthquake Relief Fund. One of our sisters actually is from Nepal and she has family there, so ever since the tragedy happened we all decided that we should do things to benefit the relief fund, not only for our sister, but also for the other people who were really affected by this.”

Rosenbloom echoed Santoyo’s sentiment about the philanthropic motivation behind the event. “It’s close to our hearts and we want to support our sister. I think a lot of people forget that after a disaster, once they get the initial money, it’s not just solved,” she said.

The event will be open not only to Knox students, but also to members of the greater Galesburg community. The cost of participating in the run is $12, which covers registration fees as well as a t-shirt. Members of the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega will be assisting with the facilitation of the run itself.

“Since we’ve never done this before, it could be twenty people signing up for the run to two-hundred people signing up for the run,” Rosenbloom said. “Logistically, it’s getting enough people to participate and figuring out the fun side with the color and the t-shirts and the posters. It’s a lot of planning, but it’s good planning.”

Carly Taylor, Staff Writer

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