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Crawford drops second video

TKS sat down with senior Eric Crawford, commonly known as Craw the Sage, to discuss the upcoming release of the rapper’s newest music video “Fo the Famo.”


The Knox Student: How are you feeling about the release of your second music video?

Eric Crawford: It was different because video itself is a whole other art, and it’s a whole other dimension you add to the artistry as far as … correlating to how you’re rapping your verse and how you want it to look. I think the second one is going to be successful, because it’s authentic. I kind of call it Craw-thentic.


TKS: How did your production process begin?

EC: For this video, “Fo the Famo,” it was kind of simple because I kind of had an idea of how I wanted it to look because so much of the imagery in the song is definitely portrayed in the video. I’m basically telling you a story about good times you spend with your family members, so I wanted to capture that moment or that essence. I think it went by pretty well.


TKS: What inspired both the song and the video?

EC: What inspired the song really was … I had a conversation with my dad and it was a rough period in my life, and basically he was just telling me, like you’ve basically just got to handle life and how it is. I mean, you can be either a complainer, or you can be a winner and win despite the challenges. That’s really how that song came into being. And then on top of that, all the imagery, like my mom being in the kitchen, or like my uncle Donnie making food, it kind of just all came together so cohesively, so perfectly.


TKS: What was it like to work with your family throughout the course of the project?

EC: They technically didn’t really work on the project. It was really me and DaMari [Taylor]. What I did tell them to do … was to just be as normal as possible … act like the camera’s not even here. Normally people just put the guys in the video, but I don’t necessarily think anybody went to that length to put the whole family in the video. It was definitely weird … people in my immediate family know that I rap, but there were other people that didn’t know I rapped at all. It was kind of surreal I would say. I don’t think they were ready for it, I was ready for it, but I don’t they were ready for it. Like normally throughout most of my lifetime, I would say I’m normally a quiet person, I don’t really do too much talking, and for my my family members to see me out there rapping, actually working with DeMari and trying to set up shots and stuff, it was kind of weird for them I think.


TKS: How did producing a music video compare to how you’ve worked with your music thus far?

EC: Well before this summer I never really came out with a video … so I guess it was just like I had to get this done. My uncle has this family reunion type-thing every year, so I was like this would be the perfect time to do this. Like I said before, it’s way different working doing video than just working in the studio, because you know that’s what I was doing previously. It was just me and Griffin [Belzer] in the studio. But you still put all that feeling and action into the video, too. I feel like I was even more into it in the video, maybe, than I was making it in the studio just because everybody was around me and I was just feeling the vibes and the energy.


TKS: What advantages do you see to putting your work in a video format?

EC: There are so many advantages. First of all, once you have visuals it gives people a sense of your vision for that particular song … and then it gets people going back to your page, or going back to your other social media networks. This video is kind of really personal … like I want to put it out there and I know it’s a dope video, but it’s going to be kind of weird putting it out there.


TKS: What do you hope to achieve by releasing this video?

EC: I ain’t really necessarily thinking about achieving anything right now, I just want to give people something to see. People haven’t really seen me yet … I haven’t done that many shows, and people just got to see what I’m doing and see the work that I’ve been putting in for a while now. I’ve been putting in like a year’s work, of good work, but prior to that I was just working on the craft of rapping itself because I just started my freshman year in college. It really just found me, rap just found me. I’m only looking to keep going forward and keep building, and making more videos, making way more videos.

“Fo the Famo” will be released Oct. 8 on Crawford’s Youtube channel, Craw the Sage.

Nadia Spock
Nadia Spock graduated in 2017, majoring in gender and women’s studies with a minor in journalism.
Prior to transferring to Knox, Nadia was a staff writer for The Daily at the University of Washington, and later joined The Knox Student as Mosaic Editor. She worked as TKS's Managing Editor her senior year. With strong interests in investigative reporting, Nadia received 10th in the nation for 2016 News Story of Year from the Associated College Press. In 2016 Nadia was also awarded First Place Feature Page Design and Second Place News Story from the Illinois College Press Association and the Ida M. Tarbell Memorial Prize for Investigative Reporting from Knox College. In addition to print work, Nadia spent the summer interning with PRI’s The World, a public radio program based in Boston, Massachusetts. Twitter: nadia_spock

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