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Fighting the weekend blues

Family and Friends weekend, for many students, presents an opportunity to invite loved ones to campus for a look into what it means to be a part of the Knox community. But for Knox students who live further away from campus (that’s a little over half the student body), the event can increase homesickness if loved ones can’t attend. So, if your friends and family won’t be visiting Galesburg from October 23rd – 25th for the festivities, here’s a list of suggested alternatives to sitting in your room:

Go to Events Anyway

On Friday, musical improvisation theatre troupe Baby Wants Candy will be performing, and just because the event is happening on Friends and Family weekend, that’s no reason not to grab your Knox peers whose families are also distant and attend anyway. For students who haven’t explored the Knox Farm or the Old Jail, there will be tours of those as well, and it’s the perfect opportunity to learn a little about our campus, past and present.

Find a Family to “Adopt” You

Almost every year, there’s a pretty even mix of students who do and don’t have relatives visiting. Ask around in your suite or classes, and see if any of your friends are amicable to you tagging along for breakfast in the Caf or an excursion into town with their family. Chances are you’ll be welcome, and you’ll get to learn more about your peer through interacting with those close to them.

Play Catch Up

What better time to come to terms with the fact that week seven has ended than when your suitemates are out? Take advantage of the peace and quiet in your living space and the vacant chairs in the library to catch up on midterms or get a head-start on homework for the following week. Go to the studio and finish your painting, go to the Beanhive and write your essay, or, if academics are all aligned, curl up with hot chocolate, celebrate October, and watch Nightmare Before Christmas now that it’s on Netflix.

Get Into Town

There are several local haunted houses taking place on the evenings of Friends and Family weekend around Galesburg. On Saturday from 8:00 a.m to noon, the Galesburg Farmers Market will happen at the Simmons and Kellogg St. parking lot. That night at 7:30, the Knox-Galesburg Symphony will be holding a special concert at the Orpheum Theatre. And finally, on Sunday at 2:00 p.m. at the First Lutheran Church on East Water St., the University of Notre Dame Glee Club will be performing. This event is free for all students.

Contact the People You Miss

It’s not the same as a hug, but Skype and phone calls and even snail mail exist for a reason. Maybe it’s an alumn friend who didn’t attend Homecoming whose absence you’re noticing more than usual right now, or maybe it’s your mom. But whoever it is, the best solution to missing somebody is to reach out and talk to them. Tell them how you did on the big project you just finished, explain a complicated concept you just learned in class, or just ask how they’re doing. Chances are, they miss you, too, and wish they could be here as much as you do.

Family and Friends weekend provides students whose loved ones can make it to campus an opportunity to give those people a glimpse of what their college lives are like, but if you’ll be by yourself, keep in mind the many opportunities afforded by Knox and Galesburg to have fun regardless.

Carly Taylor, Staff Writer

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