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TKS Player of the Week

This past Saturday, our own sophomore Matt McCaffrey completed an impressive 24 passes out of 29 attempts for a total of 251 yards with two touchdowns to help Knox dominate Grinnell with a final score of 26-12. This win helped push Knox Football to achieve their first win in conference and a 3-4 record overall. This performance has earned McCaffrey the title of the Prairie Fire Player of the Week.

With Grinnell appearing to hold the lead going into the second half, McCaffrey connected senior Mathew Hemmingsen with a 14-yard pass to cap-off a 75-yard charge for the Prairie Fire. After this touchdown, the Prairie Fire never looked back. Hemmingsen pulled in another pass from McCaffrey in the red zone to increase Knox’s lead to 10. With a short run from junior Jared Zanger (two yards) resulting in a touchdown, and only a field goal coming in retaliation from Grinnell, the scoring finally came to a close.

In total, McCaffrey has thrown 1,472 yards this season and accumulating nine touchdowns through the air. His running game has also made an impact with over 300 yards racked up on the ground and three running touchdowns to boot. When compared to his opponents this season, McCaffrey has a higher completion percentage, more passing yards per game and more touchdowns per game than his competitors. As a sophomore, hopes are high that Knox’s quarterback continues on this track of improvement.

The next obstacle for our Prairie Fire is Illinois College. They will be playing the 3-4 Blue Boys this Halloween weekend and are looking to pull away with another conference victory.

Jeremy Gogoel

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