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Staying over winter break?

Stuck in Galesburg over winter break? Whether you’re staying for a job, for research, for the interim period between finals and a mini-term abroad experience, or simply because home is too far away, there’s a lot to do both on and off campus during November and December:

Many offices are still open

Admissions is aways looking for students willing to volunteer as lunch hosts for prospective families. All you need to do is shoot an email to Admission Receptionist Amy Welty to make the office aware of your availability during break. You get lunch at the Gizmo, and a prospective new student gets to learn about your experiences at Knox.

Some offices that provide services to current students, such as the Career Center, are also open during Winter Break. It’s possible to schedule meetings with them to work on rŽsumŽs and applications during this time, and in fact it’s much easier to work on your job/internship search when you’re not also juggling classwork and extracurriculars.


In that vein, the Volunteer Center is also open over break, and all the community initiatives that need student volunteers during the school year lose their extra hands as everyone heads home. Email Mark Muniz ‘15 and ask what you can do to get involved in Galesburg as the weather turns cold: Programs like the community kitchen are operational year round.

Get together

Over the summer, students who remain on campus often work out events to attend together, host parties and meet up for meals. It’s a good way to meet new people, or connect more deeply with friends you already know, all without the constraints of during-term commitments. Arrange a carpool to get groceries, enjoy a movie night at someone’s off-campus apartment, or head to Peoria and go to a real mall. The Orpheum Theatre continues to have performances during November and December, as well.

Enjoy Galesburg

In addition to the Orpheum, other Galesburg favorites are open during break. It’s nice to finally have an entire afternoon to devote to exploring every nook and cranny of the Antique Mall on the corner of Main and Seminary, or attending the Monday open mic nights (poetry and music, alternating) hosted by The Beanhive at 7 p.m. It’s also a good time to invite a favorite professor or your advisor out for coffee to chat outside the stress of school. One of the benefits of a small, liberal arts campus is that our faculty members have the time and energy to engage with us outside the classroom Ñ why not take the opportunity?

And finally, celebrate!

Get some friends together, ask around town and figure out ways to celebrate whichever holidays apply to you! Decorate a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, cobble together an international foods Thanksgiving dinner, create joyful spaces amid the cold and snow of the impending Midwestern winter and remember that, come New Year’s Eve, most of your Knox friends will be back to ring in a new term!

Carly Taylor, Staff Writer

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