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News Briefs: Knox County sues state over salaries

Knox County sues state over salaries

GALESBURG, Ill. — John Pepmeyer, Knox County State Attorney, filed a lawsuit on Jan. 19 against the State of Illinois for portions of his salary and the salaries of the Chief Public Defender and Supervisor of Assessment. The state owed $180,000 to the county in November. A state budgeting problem has held up the funds since July 2015. Knox County is not alone, as St. Clair County has sued the state for withholding emergency services money and additional counties are also considering suing for salary reimbursements as well. (Source: Galesburg Register-Mail)

Evidence supports the existence of ninth planet

CALIFORNIA – A new planetary body, dubbed by astronomers at the California Institute of Technology as “Planet Nine,” may become the Solar System’s ninth planet. The mass of this large, icy planet is thought to be five to 10 times the size of Earth. It has not been directly sighted, but its position has been inferred from the movement of neighboring dwarf planets. If it does exist, it would be fifth largest planet in the Solar System. One of the authors of the study, astronomer Michael Brown, is known for his role as the “Pluto Killer.” His research on other Pluto-sized worlds aided the International Astronomical Union to reclassify Pluto as a dwarf planet. (Source: Washington Post)

Daesh* destroys one of Iraq’s oldest Christian sites

IRAQ – Satellite photos published by The Associated Press on Jan. 20 showed the monastery of St. Elijah, or Dair Mar Elia, has been destroyed by Daesh. The monastery stood for more than 1,400 years near the city of Mosul, which was seized by Daesh in June 2014. The photographs showed the razing of the monastery occurred in late August or September of 2014. The destruction of monuments and historical sites has long been an element of Daesh’s terrorism, as they attempt to eradicate sites of religious importance that conflict with their radical form of Islam. (Source: New York Times)

*Daesh is the Arabic abbreviated equivalent of ISIL, the Islamic State in the Levant. In Arabic ‘daas’ means to crush or trample underfoot and holds a negative connotation toward the terrorist group.

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