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A survival guide to Winter Term

Let’s be real: It’s freezing. While the Midwest natives among us may have developed the requisite motivation to tough out the trek across campus, it’s still important to have a couple indoor options to get you out of your dorm during the long haul of Winter Term.

Go to the gym…

Yes, really, the gym. It’s cold and far away, but there’s nothing better for your body than to get it moving, particularly when you’re spending a lot of time cooped up. Endorphins from exercise, even if it’s just walking a couple laps in the Field House with your roommate, improve your mood and help you concentrate on the assignments you’ve been putting off. Getting physically tired during the day helps you rest better at night. Plus, senior Valencia Short teaches a hip hop technique class in the mirror room every other Friday, and there are several other opportunities for student-taught activities. The schedule for these classes is available online and in the Memorial Gym itself. Take the hour out of your day to get some blood flowing – your mind and body will thank you.

…Or go to the Aux Gym

First, email sophomore Claire Cody, the Dance department secretary, to find out when the space is open. Plan a time with your friends, take off your shoes, plug in your music and rock out! Again, your mind and body will thank you for the TLC. In addition, there are classes taught by members of the dance department. Cody’s ballet technique class is on Sundays from 4-5 p.m. and senior Hannah Steele’s dance conditioning class is held on Tuesdays from 5:30-6:30 p.m. No experience is necessary, and dancing is a great way to get your brain to let go of the stress of academics.

Use the Rodge-Lodge

If you haven’t left your bed in a few hours (or days), grab a change of scenery at the 24-hour Taylor Student Lounge. There’s lots to do, like renting out the equipment for table games, video games and watching movies. The craft room in the back is an under-utilized gem, perfect for creating paper snowflakes to decorate your ceiling with or making a surprise birthday card for a friend. The Rodge-Lodge is also the perfect middle point to meet, roughly equidistant from the Quads, Hamblin and the Beanhive apartments, so your Cards Against Humanity tournament won’t give anyone a home field advantage. When everyone suffers equally, everyone wins, right?

Drink some hot chocolate

The Gizmo and Out Post both serve it, but which is better? Either location has its perks – the Gizmo can feel like a cozy coffee shop on a frosty afternoon if you bring along a book or that friend from a fall term class who you haven’t seen in too long, but Post Lobby is the perfect place to gather for a movie, with popcorn (and candy bars and ice cream) easily accessible. The key is trying to see your everyday spaces as new again, and, as with everything during winter term, encouraging a little warmth and joy.

Just get out of the house

The best way to combat the winter blues is to step out of your comfort zone: Join Flow Arts Club in the Aux Gym on Sundays from 12-2 p.m., attend SASS’s Bodies Week events during the third week of February, contact the Volunteer Center about off-campus opportunities, go to I-Fair this Saturday in Kresge. Look forward to the culmination of Repertory Term when their shows go up at the end of the term. This is Knox: There’s always something amazing going on just outside your door, as long as you’re willing to brave the cold to get there.



Carly Taylor, Staff Writer

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