Campus / Campus Safety / News / January 27, 2016

Campus Safety Log: Multiple unwanted subjects on campus

Jan. 25

9:50 a.m. CHECK THE WELL-BEING, ABLE House — Campus Safety responded to a concern about a student exhibiting atypical behavior. The student was located, and found to be coherent and oriented.

Jan. 24

12:40 a.m. DRUG PARAPHERNALIA, Sherwin Hall — Campus responded to a complaint of cannabis in a residential unit. A violation was confirmed and paraphernalia was removed from the residence. A covered smoke detector was also corrected.

9:51 p.m. UNWANTED SUBJECT, Neifert Hall — Campus Safety responded to a complaint of a loud gathering of primarily non-students in a residential unit making residents uncomfortable.

Jan. 23

3:10 p.m. UNWANTED SUBJECT, Seymour Union — Campus Safety responded to a complaint of a student worker refusing to leave a cafeteria work area as instructed. The student agreed to depart after speaking with officers.

Jan. 22

8 a.m. ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE, Heating Plant — Campus Safety took report of damage discovered on a rental vehicle.

1:30 p.m. SAFETY CONCERN/HAZARD, Drew Hall — Campus Safety responded to a report of clothing hung from an emergency sprinkler pipe. The owner removed the clothing upon request.

TKS Staff

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