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Bon Appétit works toward better communication

I want to thank The Knox Student and the students who participated in the video review of Bon Appétit’s food. Although “actually not bad” and “decent” certainly aren’t the adjectives I most want to hear as a chef who cares deeply about the food I’m cooking, I am happy to have the feedback. It felt like the reviewers were being honest and more importantly, were open to giving me and my team a chance.

Everyone loved Dining Services Director Helmut Mayer and seemed to have great communication with him about their food preferences and needs. I know that I have big shoes to fill, and that I may have stumbled a few times in making changes without enough input from the student community. I’m glad to be working now with the Student Senate Dining Services Committee and getting regular feedback from students.

You are our customers, and we want our customers to be happy. I really am listening to everything you tell me, directly or indirectly. I heard that you’re not loving the Outpost’s burritos. I hope you’ll be excited to learn that next week we’re going to try to bring back the “taco in a bag” — I’ve gotten the recipe that Helmut used to use, and we’ll try to do it the way you like it.

I’ve also heard loud and clear that many of you think the food is often too salty. We’re going to keep a close eye on how much salt we add.  

In response to a request for curry, we offered a curry bar this week. And we’ve increased our vegetarian/vegan breakfast items as you asked — I wish more people would try the coconut quinoa bowl near the oatmeal; that’s a great protein-rich way to start your day, as is the tofu scramble.

Lastly, I was really glad to hear the video reviewers give Bon Appétit’s desserts the thumbs up. I’ve shared the compliment to Miranda Stewert, the terrific baker we hired this fall.

Thanks again for giving us a chance. I look forward to exceeding your expectations in coming months.

Jason Crouch
Executive Chef, Bon Appétit

TKS Editorial Board

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