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Launch of student-run Title IX website

Hello, Knox community! I am so excited to present a new website for our college’s use: a student-created, student-maintained website of resources for survivors of intimate trauma (such as dating violence, sexual assault and so forth). This website has been created in lieu of the resource room that student activists attempted to form last year. Though no spaces are available on campus for the resource room, the website will offer many of the same resources we planned to put in the physical space — and has an added bonus of being easily accessible!

The website made be found at, and is available for immediate use. Please note that for now you must type the website’s whole URL directly into the search engine in order to access the site — because the Weebly account is not yet funded, simply typing “Knox Title IX resources” will not currently bring up the website. Also keep in mind that the site is still in its formative stages, and although I have received a great deal of helpful feedback from students who reviewed the beta version of the website in an online focus group, I am still very willing to take constructive criticism and suggestions as the site continues to evolve.

Currently, the website contains multiple pages of resources for survivors of trauma, with the resources grouped into categories for convenience. Beside the homepage, which welcomes readers and introduces them to the site, there are four other pages (all of which contain drop-down menus of their categorized resources): a general “Resources” page, a “Healing from Trauma” page, a “Title IX” page, and a basic “Contact” page (which is for readers who would like to offer encouragement, complaints or suggestions anonymously).

In the Resource page’s drop-down menu, you will find assistance for survivors located in the Galesburg community and at Knox College, as well as a list of inclusive hotlines and help with finding emergency birth control and sexual health services after trauma. In the “Healing from Trauma” page, you will find a vast array of information on how to “come out” to yourself as a survivor, how to find legal assistance and links to many different websites that offer help to survivors of marginalized identities (such as undocumented survivors and Black survivors). This page also includes self-care tips for partners, family members and friends of survivors. Next, in the drop-down menu under Healing from Trauma, you may find information on Rape Trauma Syndrome, as well as encouragement for those who experience the Syndrome after assault.

The Title IX introductory page contains a very concise glimpse at what Title IX is and how it protects students. Its first subpage, “What Students at Knox Need to Know About Title IX,” lists eight basic facts about Title IX that may be helpful for students at our school to know. The second subpage, “Title IX Complaints,” includes basic and conversation breakdowns of both Knox College’s official Title IX Policy and its official investigation and resolution procedures. These summaries are meant to make our College’s lengthy and sometimes complicated Policy and procedures more accessible to students. Finally, the “Title IX Process Flowchart” provides a step-by-step, pictorial look at what happens after a Title IX complaint is filed.

When viewing the Title IX portions of the website, please keep in mind that the information contained in these pages, though very closely adhering to Knox’s official guidelines, is student interpretation of the College’s official Policy and procedures documents available online. I attempted at several points last term to have administrators and our Title IX staff review the materials and offer constructive criticism and feedback, unfortunately I was unsuccessful in these attempts. Nevertheless, I offer the website’s Title IX information with the hope that it will prevent student confusion about Title IX at our school.

If you have any concerns, comment or feedback about the website, please contact Erica Witzig at, or use the anonymous Contact page directly on the website. Thank you!

Erica Witzig

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