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Crawford releases first single of new album

The Knox Student: What’s the concept behind the new single?

Eric Crawford: The concept is basically finding value in yourself, like when others don’t find the value in you. And a lot of times it’s just kind of hard to accept yourself for who you are and all your flaws and stuff like that, so that’s part of finding value in yourself. The other concept is, the gold is in you. So like, in both a metaphorical and literal sense, because you start out with the sound clip and it’s talking about alchemists looking to turn all the metals into gold, when you can actually turn the soul into gold, and that’s also a metaphor for changing the heart. Just becoming more compassionate, you know, looking at the world in a different light, I guess.


TKS: When did you begin producing the single?

EC: Around the middle of last term I started recording it, but I started writing it in the summertime. I wrote my two verses in the summer, and I kind of just knew that I was going to have that when I got back to school. And then I met Rhino, I met him at the Lyrical Lemonade Cypher over the summer and then I just sent it to him and was like, “Bro you think you want to do a feature to it?” and he was like, “Yeah,” and I was like, “Alright.” So we ended up going to Chicago, went to Classic Studios and mixed it up.


TKS: When do you plan to release the rest of the album?

EC: I’m trying to get it out by the beginning of next term. But I should have most of it done by the end of this term.


TKS: What else can we expect to see from the new album?

EC: It’s me growing and just getting older, and not just working on my skill but working on sound, like song structure. I feel like this album is going to be a lot easier for people to get into, whereas “Joy of the Game” started out in an okay mood and then quickly turned really kind of dark. This one is going to be me in a lighter mood, but I still have those darker songs on there. That’s what you can expect. I felt a lot better, a lot clearer and a lot more confident making this second tape.


TKS: Who else at Knox helps you produce your music?

EC: [Senior] Brendan [Carmack], Grizzy Mack. It’s kind of cool because we’re really learning off of each other right now. He really just started producing mixtapes and stuff last year; he’s been rapping for a minute, but he started on the production side last year. It’s a cool vibe. I’m trying to get another feature from Aya.


TKS: What was your biggest challenge with this single?

EC: It really wasn’t too hard to put together; writing it came really easily. The biggest part was probably getting to the studio, going back and forth between Chicago and Knox. I recorded it here, my part, but I had to re-record it when I got back to Chicago, just because it’s a different studio, different settings and stuff like that. I had to go back to Chicago twice to get the song done.


TKS: Where do you see yourself going from this album?

EC: I see myself doing a lot more shows, because I feel like this album definitely has a way clearer message in it. And keep building upon what I’ve already done. I plan on releasing some more work in the summertime. I’ve got another project in mind. I’ll be doing shows here on campus, some in Chicago. Currently i’m working on a website, so I can update everybody about what I’m doing. Hopefully I can do some more features, too, work with some different people.

Elizabeth Clay

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