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Renovations considered for Post lobby

Post Lobby hasn’t changed much since its construction in the early 1960s. But its new coat of paint may be a small first in a series of larger renovations to come.

This Tuesday, Feb. 23, senior and Senate Campus Life Chair Jonathan Grant met with Associate Dean of Students for Residential Learning Craig Southern to formally discuss renovation plans, reviving a discussion that was put on hold several years ago.

“If nothing else, [Post Lobby] needs to be updated,” said Southern.

He explained that the last lobby renovations took place six or seven years ago when what was once Post Hall’s head resident apartment was remodeled into the C-Store. The Out Post Express followed soon after.

Prior to the construction of the Taylor Student Lounge, Post Lobby served as a space for small events and performances. Since then, however, its couches, chairs, tables and TV have provided little more than an informal study and hangout space.

In 2014, Student Senate drafted a proposal for lobby renovations, allocating $3,600 from SMURF, the Special Meeting on the Use of the Restricted Fund, to support the project. They also contacted a design company, which drew up preliminary plans. But the administration chose not to implement the plans in 2015, due to competing needs from other facilities.

“It’s money,” Southern said. “There are many types of projects on the list and collective decisions which need to be addressed.”

While the new renovation project still requires approval from the administration, Southern and Grant predict renovations could begin this summer if approved as a capital project.

Director of Facilities Services Scott Maust said in an email that he did not have any specific details about lobby renovations at this time.

Campus Life has opened the conversation with Student Senate and may expand the dialogue to include open forums.

“It’s just [a matter of] figuring out what we want to do with the space,” said Grant. He invited anyone with an idea to contact him directly and has already added printers to his list of ideas based on one student’s suggestion.

In addition to gathering campus opinion, Southern is investigating how other colleges utilize similar spaces. He sees the possibility for group study spaces, computer kiosks and other technology to be added.

Freshmen Shannon Mindlin and Gil Martinez, who often meet in Post Lobby to do homework, would like to see several changes including more outlets, quiet study spaces, expanded seating and a TV with working buttons.

“You have to put the key in to try and make the channels move,” Mindlin said.

Kiannah Sepeda-Miller, Associate News Editor
Kiannah Sepeda-Miller is a senior majoring in anthropology-sociology and double minoring in journalism and English literature. She began writing for TKS during her freshman year and served as co-mosaic editor as a sophomore. Kiannah studied and reported in Morocco under Round Earth Media in the winter and spring of 2015 and was subsequently published in Al Jazeera. She completed an editorial internship at New York magazine the following summer.

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