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McLaughlin vlogs cosmetics and cosplay

Senior Cassie McLaughlin’s makeup and cosplay tutorials published under the channel “Catsiegoesmeow” have garnered 14,962 views and 420 subscribers on YouTube at the time of this writing.

McLaughlin has cosplayed as Junko Enoshima from video game “Dangan Ronpa” and Vriska Serket from web comic “Homestuck,” and is currently preparing her costumes and props for the Anime Central (ACen) convention this May.


TKS: Would you give us a quick background on what you do?

Cassie McLaughlin: I have a few different hobbies that all kind of build off of each other, but I consider my main arts to be vlogging, makeup and cosplay. So, I’ve always been really into makeup. Recently, in the last couple years, I got a lot more into makeup, so I learned a lot more techniques, and gotten a lot of new products, and just learned a lot more about it, and I really view it as an art, essentially. I originally started my YouTube channel not sure if I wanted to focus more on makeup or cosplay, so I did mostly makeup tutorials and talking about hauls and makeup reviews, and that sort of thing, but as time went on, I kind of realized that I wanted to focus more on cosplay. So, I kind of started to transition on my channel into doing different cosplay tutorials and things like that, because there’s not as much information about that, but I really just love all of them and I definitely use my makeup in the context of my cosplay as well.


TKS: When did you get started?

CM: I think it was January of last year so a year and a few months is when I put out my first video, and I was really focused on it for quite a while, but obviously senior year is kinda busy, so I haven’t really been attending to my channel as much lately.


TKS: Who would you say are your biggest inspirations?

CM: There are a lot of “beauty gurus” on YouTube. So, there are a ton of people I look up to, and I think I more so take my inspiration from the cosplay YouTubers that I’ve encountered. There’s this one YouTuber called MangoSirene, and she does some really cool stuff. Noodlerella is another one — she’s not quite as big, but she focuses on anime and cosplay and different things like that. And also this girl called Alexa Poletti — she does a lot of cool tutorials. I really like that they incorporate their cosplay, but they also do makeup tutorials, and they’re just very similar to me, and I look up to them a lot.


TKS: What would you say is your favorite part of everything?

CM: I really like being able to connect with people. I think that it’s really cool to be able to share information and share what I know with people, because I know that when I was just getting into both makeup and cosplay, I learned a lot from what people shared on the internet, so I want to pay it forward and teach people what I know. At the same time, I’ve met some really awesome people through YouTube, and it’s just really cool to be able to meet people who have similar interests to me.


TKS: What are the biggest challenges for you?

CM: The hardest part is that I have all of these ideas and not enough time to execute them. It takes a lot of time to, you know, film the video, and then actually be able to edit it. It’s just a very time-consuming process. Even though I enjoy it, I’m also a full-time college student, so I don’t have as much time to put forward to it. It’s really frustrating to me, because I can imagine what I want my channel to look like, but I just don’t have the time to make it that.


TKS: What is the biggest idea you have right now?

CM: The anime convention that I go to every year is coming up in May, so I’m working on putting together everything I have for that. I’ve been trying to film myself working on the different cosplay props mostly, so I can post those and show people how I did it, so that if they want to learn how to do a similar costume, they can learn from that. Right now, I really want to finish up those videos and get them posted, but it’s just so time-consuming to find the time to both work on the prop and make sure I get it filmed and edited with a voiceover.


TKS: What has been your favorite video so far?

CM: I think that my favorite is the one that has the most views. It’s up to 4.5 thousand views right now, which is really cool, and it’s my wig detangling video. That’s the kind of video that I want to put out more on my channel, where I sit down and film myself doing something and then essentially teach people how to do it. I was really proud of how that one turned out, and I’m really happy that it’s been helpful to a lot of people, and that so many people have seen it.


TKS: Is this something you see yourself continuing after you graduate?

CM: I think so. It’s just, again, managing time is so difficult, but it’s something that I’ve gotten a lot of fulfillment from, and that I really enjoy doing. Since I was younger, I always thought that being a YouTuber seemed like the coolest thing, so it’s really exciting that I finally took the step to make it channel and that it has been as fun as I expected it to be.

Casey Mendoza
Casey Mendoza is a senior majoring in political science and double minoring in philosophy and Chinese. This is her fourth year working at The Knox Student, previously as a photographer and photo editor. Casey is the recipient of two awards from the Illinois College Press Association for photo essays. During the summer of 2014, Casey also worked as a photography intern for the Galesburg Register-Mail, covering local community events and working alongside award-winning reporters and photojournalists. During the winter and spring of 2015, Casey studied journalism and new media in Washington DC, learning more about the world's political arena, networking and gaining a greater understanding of the field. There, she worked as a Production Assistant at a documentary film company, The Biscuit Factory. During the summer of 2015, Casey will help produce a documentary on airline reservation technology for the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC).

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