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Flunk Day Traditions

Flunk Day 2016 will mark 105 years of the Flunk. Many generations of speculating, driving around late at night searching for unmarked semi trucks, interrogating the planners and spying on the Campus Life office in search of suspicious activity. Over the years, Flunk Day has spawned many odd (but fun) traditions, which will all hopefully be carried on again this year, whenever the Flunk may be. And remember, it’s always tomorrow until it’s today.

The Mud Pit

You know Flunk season is near when the courtyard in front of Conger-Neal is dug up by residents of the Quads. Though unsanctioned by the college Ñ even called “defacement of property” Ñ it is a time-honored tradition to revel in the mud first thing in the morning, after being awoken by the sound of pots and pans, whistles and the yells of Friars. Campus Safety often fills the mud pit with fresh dirt in an attempt to stomp out this tradition, but year after year, thanks to the hard work of diligent students, the mud pit lives on.


Every year, one of the most popular sanctioned activities is the various inflatables brought in by those mysterious unmarked semi trucks. Including but not limited to bouncy houses, obstacle courses, water slides and non-inflated things like ziplines and motorized toilet racing. The view of Seymour lawn on the morning of Flunk Day is reminiscent of the school carnivals of our youth, and some professors even bring their kids to play on the inflatables. So watch out, we don’t want to make fools of ourselves in front of the people who will be administering our final exams.

Group Shirts

Instead of buying the official Flunk Day t-shirts from Knox, many groups of friends take great joy in designing tank tops or t-shirts for themselves, with potentially racy phrases or slogans that may insinuate unsanctioned activities. Matching shirts (preferably bright, fluorescent colors) also makes it much easier to find your friends when they are intoxicated and running amuck.

Decorating Drink Jugs/ Water Bottles

Many groups of students also buy out all of the glitter and puffy paint they can find, in order to decorate plastic drinking jugs or water bottles (remember friends, Campus Safety will confiscate glass). From designs that go along with the Flunk Day theme, to jugs that simply say #YOFFT and leave a trail of glitter wherever they go, this is another time-honored tradition that builds up pre-Flunk hype.

Live Performances

Two years ago we had Biz Markie, who performed to a rowdy crowd in the Field House and rapped his one-hit wonder song, “Just a Friend.” Last year, we had Dave Coulier, Joey from the show “Full House,” who did stand-up for an unimpressed crowd. But whether the Flunk Day performer is good or bad, it’s usually entertaining either way. Students also probably aren’t the best judges of what is or is not entertaining at 8 p.m. on Flunk Day, after hours upon hours of questionable activities.

Remember friends, stay hydrated (with water), don’t carry marked containers and keep an eye on your friends. Flunk Day is a beautiful thing, but keep yourself and your squad safe. Keep calm and Flunk on.

Elizabeth Clay

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