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Letter to the editor: Bon Appétit and Dining Services’ finances independent

Dear Student Body,

As the Dining Services Committee, we are aware of how students view the recent changes to Dining Services at Knox College. However, we would like to specifically address an op-ed posted in The Knox Student a few weeks ago titled, “Can Knox Call Itself Nonprofit?” The article contains misleading statements about the operation and management of the Dining Services at Knox College. We feel it is our responsibility as the Student Senate Dining Services Committee to correct many of the falsities, and provide honest answers for students that would like to know how Dining Services has changed. Students at Knox rightfully demand truth and honesty from the college in its actions and dealings, and we students must also demand these things of ourselves and the information we spread. To facilitate this end, we offer the following corrections:

To begin, the premise of the article is centered on Knox Dining Services having now become a for-profit institution for the benefit of Bon Appétit. While Bon Appétit is now consulting with Knox College to manage the Dining Services, it remains a Knox institution and its finances remain those of Knox College. Bon Appétit has an annual contract and does not receive any additional incentives from Knox College for garnering a profit. Also, the article heavily implies that the role of swipes, and what they can be used for at Knox, has drastically changed. This is also a falsity: Swipes and dining dollars have never carried over from term to term, swipes can still be donated to charity, and catered events paid for by swipes are still possible.

The financial decisions of Dining Services are no longer managed in-house by Helmut Mayer (nor by Jason [Crouch] and Diane [Welker]), but rather by the Knox College Vice President of Finance Keith Archer. We hope to lay to rest any rumors from the student body that the Dining Services has been outsourced. Knox College maintains the stance that all Dining Services employees will remain Knox employees, and Dining Services will remain a Knox service.

We hope that future articles regarding Knox Dining Services will contact the Dining Services Committee, Dining Services Administration, or Keith Archer to obtain more concrete information so as to not mislead students in such a way as we have observed in the aforementioned article.


Thank you,  

Max Wallace

Your Dining Services Committee


TKS Editorial Board

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