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San Fermin headlines Lincoln Fest

The lawns of Old Main will be transformed into an outdoor music festival this weekend, as Union Board prepares for their annual Lincoln Fest.

Chair of Music for Union Board senior Diana Marutyan, took lead of the planning on Lincoln Fest this year. Her job consisted of spreading the word and publicizing the festival so that students would send in recordings of their music. Marutyan said there was no audition process and that as long as the performance was appropriate, it was accepted.

Throughout the afternoon student performers will play, leading into the Brooklyn-based band San Fermin.

Marutyan chose the main stage act, San Fermin, after seeing them open for Alt-J. She remembers them as musically diverse and able to engage the audience. This year’s headliner performance differs from last year’s Hellogoodbye, as San Fermin may appear more recognizable.

“As opposed from Hellogoodbye, where students just knew those two songs from middle school, San Fermin is more well-known,” she said.

Senior Morgan Jellison will perform with two different bands this year, Dreams of Burbank and The New Regulars. Going into his third year as a Lincoln Fest performer, he remembers last year when it rained and the festival was held inside the Field House. Jellison believes the outdoor atmosphere helps contribute to a more enjoyable festival.

He argues the importance of the event lies within the performers.

“For anyone who doesn’t play music traditionally through Knox, like Choir or Jazz Combo, this gives a performer the opportunity to foster experience,” he said.

Jellison believes Lincoln Fest is for those who wish to support live, local music.

Senior Eric Crawford, better known as Craw the Sage, will also take the stage again. He describes his music as neo-soul with jazz influences. Last year, he remembers the number of people who came out to support him, whether they were friends or new listeners.

Crawford also believes Lincoln Fest allows independent, student performers to gain more of an audience.

This year has also involved the presence of KEEE, or Knox Election Engagement Enterprise. Led by Mark Muniz ‘15 from KnoxCorps and the Kleine Center for Community Service, the team will provide raffles and snacks from local Galesburg businesses like The Beanhive and Q’s Cafe to engage students to register to vote.

Even though Lincoln Fest may appear as if it is competing with Flunk Day, Marutyan argues that Lincoln Fest is still an important event on campus.

“Lincoln Fest is basically a warm-up into Flunk Day and something a lot of students look forward to,” she said.

Lincoln Fest will begin on May 7 at 2:30 p.m., concluding with San Fermin’s performance at 8 p.m.

Connie Meade

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